Private Tuition

Private classes are one of the quickest ways to improve at BJJ quickly whether in the early stages when the new sport may seem confusing or when later on your grappling path you have hit a plateau. Having a qualified instructor explain one on one the workings of BJJ can be very beneficial. If you wish to share the cost between two people this is fine however more than this and the benefit of a private class is reduced therefore the limit is two students. Here at Shrewsbury BJJ Shropshire we have a long history of turning students into grappling machines because our training methods and strategies are second to none and through vast experience we can see where you need to improve.

Booking private classes will depend on the instructors availability and those students booking regular private sessions will get priority in our schedule.

Costs of private lessons are as follows

Casey Jones BJJ Black Belt £150 / hour

Brown Belt - £35 / hour

Purple Belt - £25 / hour

Blue Belt - £15 / hour


But wait if you are a member of our team or any other SBGi gym you will receive a hefty discount.

For info on private classes call 07727 210 463

Although you do not have to attend classes to have a private lesson it is recommended as the interaction of other students is also a valuable learning tool and the social aspects of the sport should never be forgotten and remember joining our classes will give you discount in your private lessons so come join Shropshires martial arts academy.