Casey Jones

Hailing from Shrewsbury in Shropshire Casey Jones is Shrewsburys first and only BJJ Black Belt, a BJJ coach at SBG Mainline MMA Manchester, the head coach at Shrewsbury BJJ in Shropshire and the head BJJ coach of Team Chongi MMA in Crewe, Cheshire.

Casey is an experienced full time coach and competitor having competed in over 70 submission grappling and BJJ matches winning medals in some of the UK's and Europes biggest tournaments at every belt from white to black often competing well above his natural weight class to get more matches. He has also competed in Kickboxing (where he was a British and European silver medalist as an amateur), Judo and Semi-Pro MMA.

Casey has a friendly and open coaching style teaching from the proven, world class SBG syllabus while still constantly innovating and is dedicated to quick and genuine advancement of all his students. If you really want to get good at martial arts, become a world class competitor or just improve your health, well being and confidence Casey can help you acheive your goals.


 casey jones head bjj mma coach profile pic

 Competitions and titles as a Brown Belt include:

  • 2011 British No-Gi Middle Heavyweight Silver medal
  • 2011 Midlands Open Middleweight Gold medal
  • 2012 World Pro Finnish European Qualifier Brown/Black belt combined Middleweight SIlver Medal
  • 2012 World Pro European Qualifier Brown/Black belt combined Openweight Bronze Medal 

Competitions and titles as a Purple Belt include:

  • Hereford Open Lightweight Gold medal 
  • Northwest BJJ Challenge Middleweight Gold medal
  • Takedown 2 No-Gi Middleweight Gold medal
  • Takedown 3 Middleweight Superfight Champion
  • Ground Control Heavyweight Advanced Division Silver medal (closed out with team mate)
  • Northern British Open Middleweight Silver medal
  • Gracie invitational Middleweight competitor
  • IBBJF European Championships Lightweight competitor
  • UMA British Championship Advanced Division Middleweight Bronze medal
  • Edinburgh Open Super-heavyweight Bronze medal
  • Manchester Open Lightweight Silver medal 


Casey currently holds a Black Belt in BJJ and a blackbelt in kickboxing and is the Head Coach of Shrewsbury BJJ Martial Arts Academy in Shropshire.

Check out the 2010 Gi highlight reel below.