Member and Professional Testimonials


"Training with Casey Jones is a must" 

 'training with Casey Jones has been an amazing experience, I had taken off the gi for 6 years, regular training with him helped me to win the BJJ English Open, his knowledge of BJJ is immense and everytime I train with him I feel like I pick something new up to add to my game, if you have the opportunity to train with him IT IS A MUST.'

Jason Tan

UFC Veteran, UFC Fight of the Night Winner, BJJ Brown Belt English Champion, Head MMA Coach at The MMA Academy

"I would highly recommend anyone to train at Shrewsbury BJJ Martial Arts Academy" 

"Through my almost 10 years of growth in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu I have trained in many different martial arts schools around the world with famous teachers like Carlos Gracie Jr, Marcio Feitosa, Roberto Godoi, Fernando Boi, Caio Terra and more. Being an experienced sportsmen - competed at international level in swimming and holding a PhD in Sports Science on Overtraining and Burnout - I have to say that I have seen no teaching of the quality I get from Casey Jones. It simply is impressive the amount of detail that Casey brings into the coaching and progression exercises used to get us familiar with the technique. I would highly recommend anyone to train with Casey Jones at Shrewsbury BJJ Martial Arts Academy."

Dr. Nuno Matos

Head of Sports Science and Research, Integral Canada Coach, BJJ Purple Belt


"I’ve never seen anything like the system that Shrewsbury BJJ uses to get people so good so fast"

“I’ve trained all over the country with some of the most highly regarded coaches and I can honestly say I’ve never made the improvements at other clubs that I have since training here. I’ve never seen anything like the system that Shrewsbury BJJ Martial Arts Academy uses to get people so good so fast. Casey Jones’s teaching methods for BJJ and MMA blew me away, you’d be a fool not to train with him if you have the opportunity”

Andrew Capper 

Multi Time BJJ Competition Winner, BJJ Brown Belt.


"Shrewsbury BJJ Martial Arts Academy has definitely changed my life" 

“I joined to learn self defence but have gained so much more, my weight is down I feel stronger and healthier than ever and I feel more confident in my self. I look forward to training in each and every class. Being part of the team at Shrewsbury BJJ martial arts academy has helped give me the strength to quit smoking and lead a healthier lifestyle. The teaching is first rate and I cant wait for the next class. Casey Jones doesn't just teach martial arts he changes peoples lives for the better. The club has definitely changed mine and I know it has done the same to others”

Shane O’Toole

"I can't say enough good things about the club and the people"

“Amazing, I really feel like I learn something important every single class I've trained at every martial arts club in the Shrewsbury area and most in Shropshire and nothing compares to this place. I really can't say enough good things about the club the people and the level of martial arts instruction.”

Michael Feely

"I feel a great improvement in my health, I feel more confident"

“I joined under 6 months ago and I can already feel a great improvement in my health, I feel more confident and have never been happier with myself. I’d tried martial arts before but never really felt the benefits they were supposed to give but now I have a great teacher and team backing me I really feel the benefits for the first time.”

Ryan Baldi

"I've never felt better"

"When I started at the club I was already in my fifties, I only took the trial because my friend wanted to try it and didn't really think I'd join. But after a few classes I was so impressed with instruction and the atmosphere in the club that I stayed and I've never felt better. I'd boxed as an amateur for years when I was younger but had never really been convinced by martial arts before, but this was unlike anything I'd seen. I've done door work for years and I've never seen a system of martial arts so effective at controling another human. I love the way the instructors don't force anybody to compete but make it available to you should you want to. I've managed to compete several times since I started every time against younger opponents but thanks to the skills I've learned at Shrewsbury BJJ Martial Arts Academy I've managed to not only hold my own but also win medals. I can't recommend this martial arts school enough"

Andrew Breeze