Mixed Martial Arts - MMA

What is Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) sometimes known as Vale Tudo is a full contact combat sport that allows a wide variety of fighting techniques and skills, from a mixture of martial arts, to be used in competitions. The rules allow the use of both striking as well as grappling techniques, both while standing and on the ground. Such competitions allow martial artists of different backgrounds to compete. The roots of modern mixed martial arts can be traced back to various mixed style contests that took place throughout Europe, Japan and the Pacific Rim during the early 1900’s. The Gracie family (the inventers of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) brought the combat sport of Vale Tudo, which had developed in Brazil in the 1920’s, to the United States in 1993 with the founding of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. In due course the more dangerous Vale Tudo style bouts of the early UFC's were made safer with the implementation of additional rules, leading to the popular regulated form of MMA seen today. Originally promoted as a competition with the intention of finding the most effective martial arts for real unarmed combat situations, competitors were pitted against one another with minimal rules. In that time, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu was made famous through Royce Gracie’s victories against much larger and stronger opponents from other martial arts as he won all the early tournaments using purely the techniques of BJJ. In the modern era of the sport it is important to learn all elements of fighting to be successful and at Shrewsbury BJJ Martial Arts Academy in Shropshire you will learn them all. 

Our MMA Program

Here at Shrewsbury BJJ in Shrewsbury, Shropshire we use SBG's Mixed Martial Arts Foundation Program to take you step by step, range by range and position by position through the essential elements of MMA. We instill a base set of skills and a deeper sense of the dos and don’ts per position. This is done through our rock solid curriculum that has been tested at all SBG schools around the globe and used to produce some of the worlds top Mixed Martial Arts athletes and now you can try it out here in Shropshire. Our mixed martial arts curriculum will prepare you not only physically but mentally and the benefits will show. 

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MMA is essentially combined of 3 areas or ‘ranges’ of fighting. In our Mixed Martial Arts MMA Foundation Program you will learn the basic skills of the three ranges of fighting Stand-up, Clinch and Ground and you will learn to merge them together.

Stand-up fighting – You will learn the most common and effective techniques of boxing and kick boxing essential for MMA. 

Clinch fighting – You will learn the fundamental techniques of clinch fighting from Wrestling, Judo and Thai Boxing incorporating striking, pummelling, takedowns and takedown defence.

Ground fighting – You will learn the fundamental techniques and postures of ground fighting through Brazilian Jiu Jitsu including submissions, striking and striking defence.

At Shrewsbury BJJ Martial Arts Academy in Shropshire students will learn how to put together the techniques of every range of fighting for the ultimate combination of Mixed Martial Arts.

Not only will you learn but you will learn in a SAFE environment you won’t be doing yourself any damage on day one you will be simply learning, having fun and improving yourself. You won’t be thrown in at the deep end until our instructors are certain you have the basic skill set required to cope. Our training methods are second to none and we guarantee you will make faster improvements than at any other school in the Shrewsbury, Shropshire area and whether your goal is fun, a healthier lifestyle or full blown competition we will make sure you have all the help you need and will do whatever it takes to help you get where you want to be.

How is this different from other schools in Shrewsbury and Shropshire?

If you look at many mixed martial arts or self defence schools they say they teach MMA but you have to ask how are you qualified to teach each range of fighting? Anyone can say they teach MMA – ANYONE but do they? The sad answer is NO but here at Shrewsbury BJJ Martial Arts Academy in Shropshire we DO.

Our instructors have not only trained and competed in MMA they have also fought in each individual range of combat, at our school if the instructor is teaching something they have real experience of it against experienced specialised opponents, our instructors have not only fought MMA but also extensively in Boxing, Kick Boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Submission Wrestling and more. Our in-club experience is second to none and our MMA Foundation program is rock solid, tried and tested in gyms all over the world.

Most clubs claim affiliation to large organisations but in reality the HQ is far far away and has little to no involvement while the in-house teaching is seriously below par. Here at Shrewsbury BJJ in Shropshire you will get the same instruction in-house that the athletes in the larger gyms in the organisation do, how? Because the head instructor teaches at the larger gyms every week but is also in the gym every single week teaching the same tested curriculum with the same proven training methods that are getting results world wide, right here in Shropshire.