BJJ Belt Ranks

BJJ Belt Grades

The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu ranking system awards a practitioner different coloured belts to signify increasing levels of technical knowledge and practical skill. During your time studying Brazilian Jiu Jitsu you will advance through the belts White, Blue, Purple, Brown and finally Black. While the system's structure shares its origins with the Judo Ranking System and the origins of all coloured belts, it now contains many of its own unique aspects and themes. Some of these differences are relatively minor, such as the division between youth and adult belts and the stripe/degree system. Others are quite distinct and have become synonymous with the art, such as a marked informality in promotional criteria, including a focus on a competitive demonstration of skill over technique demonstration on an unresisting opponent, and a conservative approach to promotion, in general it will take a lot longer to gain a belt in BJJ than any other martial art. Traditionally, the concept of competitive skill and earned route of promotion holds true. The amount of time it takes to achieve the rank of black belt varies between the individual and often between academys but the average time frame is between 10 and 12 years with a consistent training schedule.

Our Belts

Here at Shrewsbury BJJ Martial Arts Academy in Shropshire we pride ourselves on our strict promotion policy to each belt. Our standards of technique applied in real situation under pressure are high, Jiu Jitsu is a complex art and can not be graded simply by demonstration of technique on a willing participant every stripe and belt you get will be well earned and you will be able to take real pride in your achievement.

Below are a list of students we are proud to have as our higher belt grades here at Shrewsbury BJJ.


bjj belt-4s Andrew Breeze, Thomas Peach, John Rimmer, Andrew Ward, Kevin, Michael Feely,

bjj belt-5s Paul Greaves, Dr. Nuno de Matos

bjj belt-6s Andrew Capper

bjj belt-7s Casey Jones