Why Choose Us?

The benefits of joining Shrewsbury BJJ Martial Arts Academy are Many but take a moment to look at just some of the advantages of training with us.

Cleanest Facilities Guaranteed.

Our Hygiene standards are second to none everyone will claim to have clean facilities but we are a cut above. We are one of the few martial arts schools in Shrewsbury, Shropshire with showering facilities, clean students means an infection free training area, dirty students you don't even want to think about. We have high hygiene standards and they are enforced, our matted area has a zero tolerance policy on outdoor footwear and is regularly disinfected. If anybody turns up with a stinking uniform or dirty equipment they are sent away till next time if they show up and aren't clean themselves they are sent to the showers, no exceptions.

We are Professionally Run

Every Martial Arts Academy will 'claim' to be professionally run but if you look closer this is rarely the case. For most academy owners it is a second job and is treated at such. Shrewsbury BJJ is run by a professional Coach and Competitor, this is all he does. The standards of the club show for it, what you will be getting is a professional service and a cutting edge rock solid martial arts curriculum right here in Shropshire. What's more we conduct ourselves as professionals in every area of our lives there is a responsibility to our job and we show it respect. How can somebody give you the best service if they are not professional quite simply they can't, but we can.

Best Instruction Guaranteed.

Check out our programmes and coaching staff our training methods and curriculum speak for themselves we are not guessing, we are implementing the systems that we know will give you a rock solid martial arts foundation. We have the ONLY qualified grappling instructors in shrewsbury and we have many of them. Other schools in the Shrewsbury area don't have one. Ask an MMA school if they teach BJJ in a gi if they say no they will most likely fob you off with a reason like "it doesn't work in the cage" this is ridiculous (it's proven it does just ask any real MMA champ) the real reason is most likely they're ashamed to wear their belts in class (the IBJJF states in order to teach BJJ you must be a purple belt or above, ask first or risk being conned). It may get even worse the instructor may not even know any BJJ don't accept them saying they teach "traditional" Ju Jitsu for MMA, to say this all they have to do is pay some money to 'invent' their own style and bingo instant Fake black belt. Don't be conned. No BJJ No MMA it's that simple and every authority on MMA will tell you the same. Not only do we know Grappling but we know stand-up fighting our coaching staff have also competed in boxing, kickboxing and Thai boxing with success, a grappler won't be teaching you boxing and a boxer won't be teaching you grappling. What's more we know how to put them together, our MMA coaches have fought in MMA and worked with world class MMA Coaches and Fighters, we know how to put the different arts together and we will show you. This is why we know we are the best Mixed Martial Arts Academy in Shrewsbury, Shropshire.

Convenient Location

Right in the centre of Shrewsbury, Shropshire with many car parks within 2 minutes walk, Shropshires busiest train and bus stations under 5 minutes walk away we are the most accessible martial arts academy in Shrewsbury, shropshire. Why travel further when the best is the most convenient?

Food and Drink sold on site

There is a full working cafe downstairs so whenever you need to kill time before or between classes you have somewhere to go or somewhere to meet your family. If you don't fancy the cafe there are numerous shops and other local Shrewsbury hot-spots within a minutes walk.

Friendly Welcome

If you want to make friends that will last a lifetime at Shrewsbury BJJ Martial Arts Academy you will always be welcomed with open arms. Everybody at our club is treated as an equal and encouraged to take part in everything we do from training to getting a coffee together. In many gyms you will find cliques and groups that go off to train together in private and people who only want to drill with their best friend. Not here though, from day one you will be welcomed as an equal by all, we all train together and we all give each other the respect that deserves, there is no favouritism, no cliques and no being left on the side. The people here are good people and you will feel better for being around them. We are certain we are Shrewsbury's friendliest martial arts school.

Complete honesty

None of our claims are made up, they are all facts and we can back them up and we know we are the only ones in our area who can make these claims. This openness carries over into our classes when asked any question we will answer with complete honesty we will never make a claim that isn't true. Martial arts are a serious business and you need somebody you can trust and that is us.

Your Health and Safety is Our Main Priority

We want you to progress in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Martial Arts and Mixed Martial Arts and fall in love with them like we have, in order to do that we need to keep you healthy and injury free. We conduct regular risk assessments like any club but more than this we care about every one of our students and we make sure that they are ready for the activities they are taking part in. You won't be thrown in at the deep end, you will be progressed through our system at the right time for you and we will make sure you are ready for every step up in training. Many Mixed Martial Arts gyms will try and get you to work as hard as humanly possible from day one because this feeling of exhaustion will make you feel like you've been given value for money. When in reality you won't have learnt much and may be doing yourself damage, we give quality instruction and great value for money so we don't need to rush you or push you to your limits on day one, we won't push you along we will build you up. In doing this you will be considerably safer in training here than at any other mixed martial arts academy in Shrewsbury, Shropshire. We have had zero serious incidents over the last five years in our foundation classes (as long as they have been running), we are proud of this and we aim to keep it that way. Many gyms view injuries and bruises as a badge of honour, we do not and we will do everything we can to make sure they don't happen. We breed a healthy culture in our gym where students are taught from day one the skills and respect for martial arts, mixed martial arts and Brazilian jiu jitsu they need to train and train SAFE.